Wurstküche really excels in three things: German beer, sausages and fries. With these simple variables, this local haunt creates endless flavor combinations that are guaranteed to satisfy any picky palate. Its welcoming patio and trendy industrial design caters towards hipster families, group gatherings and people who enjoy quick eats (but won’t sacrifice quality). All locations feature community seating with paper tablecloths that are encouraged to be drawn upon. Give any adult a crayon and a beer, you’re bound to have a good time.

With the opening of its flagship on the corner of 3rd and Traction, cousins/owners Tyler Wilson and Joseph Pitruzzelli have helped put the Arts District on the map for foodies and bar hoppers alike. Since then the duo has expanded to Venice Beach and Denver. Fun fact: next door to their restaurant lives a brood full of chickens. Well, that and the Wurstküche research and development facility. This is where all of Wurstküche’s chefs concoct their secret recipes. From one regular to another, a quick Wurstküche life hack is to ask for your beer to be served in a stein (aka a giant mug). On top of being full of delicious sausage, you’ll leave much happier. We’ve heard the more beer you drink, the closer you’ll get to cracking their code.


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