Eyewear Legacy

A collaboration between father and son, Larry and Garrett Leight, Mr. Leight bridges multiple generations of design and craftsmanship to deliver superlative contemporary eyewear. Together, they are committed to creating uncommonly thoughtful, beautiful, and original designs that combine the classic and the new and reflect the spectrum of their immense eyewear knowledge and expertise.

Mr. Leight represents a perfect union of Larry Leight’s decades-long history working with the finest eyewear craftsmen in the world as the Founder and Creative Director of Oliver Peoples, and Garrett Leight’s entrepreneurial spirit and uncompromising contemporary vision in his own endeavor, Garrett Leight California Optical. For both Larry and Garrett, creating impeccable, iconic eyewear is a truly lifelong pursuit.


Beautifully designed, exquisitely detailed, and constructed with the utmost technical precision, each Mr. Leight frame evinces a perfect balance of classic and contemporary influences: quietly unexpected, undeniably beautiful, and completely timeless.

Made in Japan. With Care.

With every piece, Mr. Leight deftly negotiates the tensions between irreverence and sophistication, tradition and innovation, the past and the present. The brand pays homage to timeless style while also advancing a bold spirit of creativity that is necessarily of the present moment. Uniting aspects of classic eyewear design with a wide array of artistic, cultural, and subcultural references and experiences that have inspired Larry and Garrett throughout their lives, Mr. Leight tirelessly seeks out beauty, style, and interest wherever it can be found.


Subtle details and technical features are carefully considered for fit, proportion, and comfort. We demand a high standard of perfect quality to guarantee our customers the ultimate value in quality and style. We spend years mastering the intricate details of a GLCO frame with our factory partners before releasing a frame to market.

Made with only the finest, most resilient materials, and handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. The brand’s distinguishing features lie in their unique styling, exquisite detailing, and unparalleled craftsmanship.
The immense traditional knowledge of the craftsmen, many of whom have spent a lifetime honing their skills, is complemented with the most advanced manufacturing techniques and material advancements. This arduous production process, refined over time and passed down generation to generation, ensures that each pair of Mr. Leight frames is a perfect piece.