Hand finished in Los Angeles.

GLCO uses the most exclusive, highest quality materials from the best suppliers in the industry who have hundreds
of years of experience. All of our frames are designed at our studio in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles.

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garrett leight eyeglasses and sunglasses craftsmanship
garrett leight eyeglasses craftsmanship
garrett leight eyeglasses craftsmanship


For our frames, we source cured acetate and high quality metals from leading suppliers in Japan, Italy, and China.


Our lenses are made of mineral glass and scratch resistant CR-39 plastic, with reflective coating and other treatments for best eye protection, clarity, and visual acuity.


Our manufacturing processes exemplify cutting edge technology, attention to detail, and skilled hand detailing.


See through the Garrett Leight lens wherever you are. Official GLCO retailers all over the world can help you find the perfect frame. Find a store or optician near you.

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We're an independent eyewear brand committed to creating high quality, handmade eyewear inspired by the people, places, and stories of California.

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In the Not So Distant Futura

In the not so distant future, we enter into an uncanny world where organic and inorganic environments coexist in total harmony. Futuristic forms grow from natural landscapes.

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Miles Davis, the Painter

Miles Davis once mentored bassist Darryl Jones with the advice: “You know Darryl. One art helps the other.” This altruistic message, “one art helps the other" was in high praise of the fluid nature of artistic forms. Davis encouraged Jones to draw, to cook and to simply follow the thread of creative exploration. The trumpeter and jazz genius understood that in order to thrive, an artist must nurture one’s imagination beyond a single discipline.

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Some of the best eyewear moments in sports history can be found on the basketball court. Take a look at the dribblers who made function into fashion.

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French meets Californian Style

There are a lot of obvious differences between French and California style but the one similarity is that they both are effortless. In France, “effortless” is uncomplicated, classic. In California, “effortless” is comfortable, casual. There are many ways that combining these two tastes emerge, but the result is always approachable and beautiful.

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