Garrett Leight California Optical X Collection

The X Collection

Our new X collection riffs on four of our most classic styles, the Kinney, the Brooks, the Hampton, and the Harding, and turns up the volume across a range of key design details.

We wanted to create a frame that was as versatile as it was stylish — something that could hold its own as a statement piece when paired with casual classics like jeans and an oxford, but also play nice with a bespoke suit or a pair of shell cordovan loafers.

With the X collection, we went a little rock & roll and a little Pop Art. Think: the distorted twang of guitarist Robbie Krieger’s guitar on the Doors’ 1968 deep cut “Wild Child,” Buddy Holly's signature vocal hiccups ("We-UH-ell, the little things you say and do / Make me want to be with you-UH-ou..."), or the far out tonal explorations of a Warhol silkscreen.

Arthur Miller wearing glassesBuddy Holly wearing sunglasses

For starters, we increased the overall size of our signature frames and milled them from a 12mm acetate. This gives them a bold, sporty look that still feels light to the touch thanks to a carved out end piece. The X collection editions of our classic Kinney and Harding frames will be the first time we’ve used these new production techniques. Rather than our signature thin temple shape, the X collection also features a paddle-style temple shape for extra presence and durability and a subtle branded plaque that provides another level of understated detail.

As always, our commitment to craftsmanship and reverence for perfecting the details is front and center. We want these frames to be a part of your life for a very long time.

Whether your version of the rock and roll life is living it up until the sunrise, or reading about it during a lazy afternoon over a cup of tea, we’ve got you covered.

GLCO X Collection