Heading Weast

Spring / Summer 2013

“Heading Weast,” is about a man in the midst of a metamorphosis. It takes the viewer on a journey through the unknown, the unique, and the insignificant. It’s about finding the right in a wrong decision. The video portrays an almost dream-like state wherein the imagination can run free. It reminds us that life is what you hold onto, until…you let go. It is about indecision and the path that it leads to. Written & Directed: Joey Indrieri Starring: Paddy Wilkins Featuring: Adeline Wilkins Producers: Joey Indrieri, Jeff Tanner, Paddy Wilkins Director of Photography: Jodan Levy Camera Operators: Rob Dafoe & Robbie Wilkins Wardrobe: Lauren Knudsen Color Correction: David Chontos Sound: Xavier Horan & Andy Troy Music: Donovan Editor: Tony Papa Photos: Joey Indrieri