SF Trip

SF Trip

It's not everyday that your company flies you out to SF. But you know what? The 11th of this month was that very day. Garrett graciously offered everyone a quick trip out to SF to check out our new store. Who could say no to a day in the Bay?

Above: scoring a window seat - #blessed! Not pictured: Shaun missing the flight because he was utterly absorbed in a conversation at the airport bar. A bar which was like 10 feet from the gate. But we're banking on the fact that this was a really good conversation.

First stop: our new space in Hayes Valley. Speaking of which, swing by on Oct 1 and grab some dranks at our Grand Opening!

Cheers, y'all. Gettin' that day drank started off right.

Day dranks also included juice dranks, courtesy of Juice Shop. Nope, you can't escape the juice trend. Not in California, anyway.

Jennie and Charisse with their juice dranks.

Above: claiming our turf and making our presence known in SF, even if it meant intensely scrawling our name with a bright orange crayon found on the street. Never mind the fact that we didn't get the "GLCO" quite right. (Blame it on the day dranks.)

Day Drank II: The Sequel.

Checking out some ladies. Painted Ladies, obviously.

Afternoon hang in the park. Elena (lower left) gracefully tossing a football in her heeled boots. Some people really can do it all, you know?

Darroll, either about to catch a ball, or perhaps more likely, singing a soulful rendition of I Believe I Can Fly. Jason Betz on the right stands by to observe the spirited occasion. Angie smiles in approval.

Mario's super casual, gratuitous over-the-shoulder glamour shot modeling the Brooks in Demi Blond.

Obligatory Giants game because, you know, when in SF...

Some of us sat down for a full five minutes of it before walking around to scout out nachos served in hats and mega slides encased in coke bottles.

Hyped up from a group photo, nachos, and just life in general. The rest of the night consisted of mo' walking, mo' dranks, mo' food, and Adrian's suggestion of "doing fours":

The next morning we headed out to the pier - some of us felt like this, all ready to go:

And some of us felt like this:

But it was nothing a lil' hot food couldn't cure. By the time we finished chowing down it was already time to catch our flight home.

And that's how memories are made.