Garrett Leight California Optical San Miguel Aviator Sunglasses

San Miguel

California blesses its citizens with many gifts.

Sure, the gorgeous microclimates and soft coastlines are great, but for many the biggest draw of living and working here is that this state thrives on reinvention.

John Baldessari wearing glasses John Baldessari artwork

There’s always been a pretty dramatic (cinematic?) before and after quality to living and creating in California. Even if you’ve been here your whole life the opportunities to weave and explore and expand and start over are nearly endless.

I’m thinking in particular about multidisciplinary artists like singer and poet Jim Morrison, who went from teen icon to godfather of goth and art rock in the span of just three years, and venerable Pop Art legends John “I Will Not Make Boring Art” Baldessari and Ed Moses.

photo of Jim Morrison photo of Ed Moses

Stylistically, all three of them can be linked by their love of pushing creative boundaries — and rocking super hip, aviator-inspired frames in new and inventive ways. When these dudes wore technically exquisite (those angles!) aviator frames you didn’t think “fighter pilot”, you thought “poetic bohemian badass.”

Drawing inspiration from these creative titans and the Californian spirit of reinvention, our San Miguel Sun and Rx frames bring a tailored, angular update to the timeless aviator silhouette.

Supported by a clean and modern stainless steel Windsor frame and softened by acetate temple tips for a comfortable fit, these glasses can take you from work to play and back again, all while adding that critical pop to your look.

It’s a frame for all the different versions of you.