Ron Moon

Ron Moon

Years connected to GLCO:
About two years before it was conceived. 2007ish?

Executive Producer

Garrett and I were at a party, and things got a bit loose. I don’t want to call it love at first sight but when a 30 year-old man sees another 30 year-old man and they decide to exchange numbers, there’s got to be a word for that. That’s what we did and we’ve been friends ever since.

I remember him telling me he was going to open up an eyewear shop on Abbot Kinney, which was pretty quiet at the time. Gjelina had opened up a year or two before but beyond that, it was a bunch of kind of mom and pop shops, really sleepy. Not to take anything away from previous generations, but our generation was the beginning of Venice kind of coming alive and starting to become a really safe, fun place.