The French luminary rose to fame in the 1960s, popularizing the yé-yé wave as a songwriter and singer with hits such as Tous les garçons et les filles and Mon amie la rose. She went on to land roles in the films Château en Suède, Une balle au cœur and Grand Prix. And of course, established herself as more than just a leading pop figure through her legendary looks and coveted inspiration for fashion powerhouses like André Courrèges, Emmanuelle Khanh, Paco Rabbane, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Perfecting the fusion of masculine and feminine styles, Hardy was known for her effortlessly chic looks: fuzzy fur coats, defined leather, and wide legged flared pants with a minimalist and bohemian flair. She was the ultimate embodiment of “French cool girl.” Her graceful allure was further exemplified by her accessories. She never shied away from a classic, baker boy cap and large tote bags.


But what intrigues us eyewear fiends most is the bold, eccentric sunglasses peeking under her choppy fringe. No matter the shape or style, Hardy always chose big and striking statement sunglasses that demanded attention. She paired white, oversized rectangular frames with casual button downs, her famous cat eyes with trench coats, and acetate aviators with leather.

And while the pop and fashion icon made large cat eyes famous and highly desired, the Reveler is a take on a different style she sported. A bold, thick goggle sunglass, it’s a reinterpretation that nods to the vintage appeal with a modern twist. This season's custom Shark Teeth artwork is laser etched on the outer temples and core wires along with a Fish Hook metal decal on the out temple tips. Reveler S is an assertive piece with fine detailing and ultra color ways that can’t be ignored.

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