Garrett Leight California Optical Rennie Eyeglasses


Long before influencers and boyfriend jeans, Diane Keaton was an icon of genre-defying, androgynous style. If the fashion gods have a moodboard, you best believe she is on it.

Ever since sauntering into our sartorial subconscious wearing wide leg khakis and a fitted waistcoat paired with a tweed blazer and an enormous tie in Annie Hall, Keaton has been playing the style game by her own rules — and winning.

Diane Keaton style in Looking for Mr. Goodbar Diane Keaton wearing sunglasses in Annie Hall

Like the work of a great jazz musician, Keaton’s style is all about rhythm and tone. While many know her for taking men’s tailoring and subverting its sharp lines with flowing silhouettes, it’s her knack for blending unusual proportions with neutral, timeless colors that has always put her on the right side of classic-yet-quirky.

Diane Keaton wearing glasses in Looking for Mr. Goodbar Diane Keaton style in Annie Hall

Even after 50 years in showbiz, she still wears slacks to awards ceremonies and leather blazers to the laundromat. And she’s never afraid to accessorize with a big hat, or a great pair of frames.

Inspired by the classic unisex look of Mrs. Keaton, our Rennie frame pays homage to the oversized P3-style silhouette she wore in such classic films as Annie Hall and Looking for Mr. Goodbar. Thanks to its ultra-thin acetate construction, the Rennie is perfect for a tailored, streamlined look, while its military-inspired origins make a great match for more casual ensembles as well.