Orion Carloto

Orion Carloto

Dear diary. These two words were once only written in a tattered journal hidden under a bed or in the back of a bookshelf. Fast forward to 2016 and young people like Orion Carloto are broadcasting their inner thoughts to audiences in the hundreds of thousands. In the digital age influencers like her are spreading messages of feminism and body positivity as traditional media is flooded with mixed messages. In the spirit of giving, Orion has penned us an original that we are happy to share. Hopefully somewhere in between avoiding political conversations at the Christmas dinner table and spiking your eggnog, you can sneak away for a few blissful moments of solitude.


Lying down at the edge of my bed,

I’m looking up at the blank slate in front of me;

With only the sound of my subtle breath

inhaling and exhaling in a repetitive pattern,

I am greeted by a familiar friend -


We usually spend our afternoons

and late nights together -

Sundays being our favorite.

Solitude is my dearest companion,

but we have our differences.

I want coffee,

solitude craves tea.

I prefer watching films,

solitude begs to write.

I laugh powerfully,

solitude mourns softly.

I wear white,

solitude wears blue.

The list goes on and on,

but despite our differences,

I feel most safe with solitude.

She taught me a few things.

How to love, how to appreciate silence,

how to occupy my lingering thoughts,

and how to segregate my dreams from reality.

It started off as a dalliance,

but throughout my years,

she became a soulmate.

Falling in love with solitude;

What a magical pleasure it has been.