Grace Slick is a show business legend. While many know her as the showstopping frontwoman of psychedelic rockers the Jefferson Airplane, she’s also a published author, a freewheeling raconteur, a feminist icon, and (nbd) the godmother of bohemian chic. If you see anyone wearing heavy bangs, tasseled leather, or geometric sunglasses today, they all have Ms. Slick to thank for the inspiration.

Grace Slick wearing sunglasses Peter Lawford wearing sunglasses

At a time when rock music was still regarded as a bubblegum fad by the establishment, Slick’s soaring, impressionistic vocal stylings helped to elevate the genre into the realm of high art. Instead of just singing the Airplane’s songs, she was writing them too. Slick is listed as the primary author of their zonked out smash single “White Rabbit” and fan favorite “Greasy Heart.”

Like her buddies Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin, Slick was no stranger to rebellious decadence. But no matter how far out things got on or off-stage, her earthy and relatable demeanor and quick wit endeared her to fans and critics alike.

This easy-going earthiness translated to her style too. From 1967 onward, one of Slick’s signature looks was a pair of geometric sunglasses with a light frame. Whether they were used to keep a low profile, block out bad vibes, or simply create a little distance between her and her loving fanbase, they became an instant hit amongst countercultural youth. The frames’ popularity even spread to the mainstream, where they were adopted by Hollywood hotshots like actor and Rat Pack member Peter Lawford.

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