Last fall, GLCO opened up its first Texas outpost. Up until now, GLCO stores were in California and New York; we are coastal kids, after all. But we’re so excited to be in the Knox-Henderson neighborhood of Dallas and to become a part of its vibrant creative community. As for the store itself, the Knox outpost is brimming with design elements true to GLCO’s signature California minimalism. The store is uncluttered and airy, with pale wood and stark white accents. Inspired by California artist James Turrell, the Knox store houses an experiential feature new to GLCO retail stores. Throughout the day, an undulating light ebbs through the new space. Running through a full spectrum of colors, with hues melting together seamlessly, our Knox retail experience is an environment defined by light, with gradual shifts in color and perception. The store also includes lounge seating with a coffee station and a complete optical lab offering a full range of services like onsite prescription lenses, custom dipped sunglass lenses, and frame restoration and adjustment – all usually in an hour.


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