Izakaya Rintaro BTS

Izakaya Rintaro BTS

Yesterday we went live with the story behind Sylvan Mimisha Brackett's Izakaya Rintaro. Today, we go behind the scenes of that legendary meal that Nora spoke of.

First, pulling up to the premises. A simple 82 greets you.

A peek into the kitchen. Here Sylvan, the man himself, manning the kitchen. I've heard it said before chefs who can cook up storm while keep their white articles of clothing pristine means that they're super profesh. In this case, Sylvan's chucks look pretty spotless to me. But what do I know? I just eat up everything and anything that Lucky Peach tells me.

Dat udon tho.

It takes laser-focused concentration to make food this good. Also, eyebrow game strong. (But izakaya game just as strong.)

I'll have one of everything, gladly.

Yosedofu - that dish Nora mentions which is not mozzarella, but actually silken tofu. Mmmm.

Whatchu know bout grillin' fish?

Well, that's all folks. Shop's closin'. See you here soon, right? Sylvan will provide the drinks and food, and you can provide commentary that's a little more legit than this one here by yours truly.

Yours truly,