Garrett Leight California Optical Glyndon Cat Eye Glasses


For many of us, the first time we had heard the name Grace Kelly was when she was namechecked in Madonna’s 1990 smash “Vogue.” And while a co-sign from Madonna is always nice, it turns out Mrs. Kelly was already a bonafide icon long before Madge introduced to her a whole new generation of glamorous misfits.

Grace Kelly wearing eyeglasses Grace Kelly wearing cat eye glasses

Despite only being a working actress for a few years in the 1950s, Grace Kelly’s impact on Hollywood was enormous. At a time when most entertainers were expected to sell their soul to studios and the general public in exchange for steady work and an adoring fanbase, Kelly would have none of it.

Even before the height of her fame, she negotiated a previously unheard of seven-year contract with MGM that allowed her to live in New York City for half the year to pursue her other love, theatre work. She was also famously tight-lipped with the press and gave little to no details about her personal life. She later went on to marry Prince Rainier III of Monaco, which made her an actual princess, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Grace Kelly wearing glasses Buddy Holly wearing glasses

Thanks to her refined taste and natural glamour, Kelly didn’t have to play the publicity game or take on roles she thought were stereotypical or shallow. She simply showed up, did her thing, and let the work speak for itself.

This spirit of understated glamour and cool confidence was the inspiration for our Glyndon frame.

With its thick square shape and slight cat eye lens, Glyndon strikes the perfect balance between sophisticated and bold. Thanks to its versatility, this style of frame was also a favorite of Buddy Holly, who single handedly made wearing thick glasses cool by sporting them with both sharp suits and laid back preppy attire. If you’re looking to channel the vibes of these icons effortlessly and elegantly, these frames have got you covered.