Garrett's Top Frames from S/S 2023

Garrett's Top Frames from S/S 2023

Clubhouse II in Rose Gold

I feel like everyone wants thick, chunky acetates right now which makes me want something different. We decided to revive the classic Clubhouse from our archives and update it with acetate temples for comfortability and adjustability. We also updated the end piece with a California desert sun filigree. This is a great frame and something different from what’s trending. 

OG Freddy P

For those of you that do want that thicker acetate frame, this is our interpretation of it. It has our classic, retro signature plaque and updated core wire. 

Woz in Black

My favorite sunglass of the season for sure is the Woz, especially in the Black with Sweetwater lenses. It’s a unisex cat eye, has a lot of style, fits really well. I’m having trouble taking these off, I’m wearing them daily. Highly recommend it. 


Clune X in Spotted Brown Shell

X-series is when we take a classic frame and update it with a thicker front view. The Clune has been one of our top selling frames for many seasons and it was time to update it and give it this look. I think you’ll be really happy with this. It’s a nice, safe choice that will fit everyone. 

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