Ford v. Ferrari

Ford v. Ferrari

When the posters for 20th Century Fox’s Ford v. Ferrari – featuring Matt Damon as racing legend Carroll Shelby, and Christian Bale in a Golden Globe nominated performance as scrappy, superfast British driver Ken Miles – started popping up around Los Angeles, we took notice. Yeah, the plot was enticing—a team of Ford Motor Company mercenaries staring down Enzo Ferrari and his legendary racing team at Le Mans: You knew the cars would be sexy as hell, and the racing scenes epic. But, being lovers of great eyewear first, we were struck by something else: This is a movie for sunglasses fans.

There’s a lot of subtle inside-style-stuff happening in Ford v. Ferrari: from Henry Ford II’s sleek midcentury offices in the Skidmore, Owings & Merrill-designed Ford HQ, to a cameo by menswear icon – and longtime chairman of Fiat – Gianni Agnelli. Not to mention the Mad Men-era vibe meant costume designer Daniel Orlandi got to lean on some classic, masculine shapes for its stars. Which leads us to one question:

Photo: Warner Bros.

Are you more of a Shelby…

Damon as Carroll Shelby is a study in tailored, all-American style: the Stetson, the boots, the sport coats and denim, and his ever-present, retro-inspired wayfarer frames. Our founder, Garrett, is particularly nuts for the way Damon’s translucent champagne-caramel colored frame pairs with the contrast green lens. “It’s so damn dapper,” he says. For those looking to pick up a comparable pair, The GLCO Calabar – the frame Brad Pitt wore recently at Cannes while supporting Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – has similar, leading man looks.

Photo (left): Twentieth Century Fox.; Photo (right): Warner Bros.

…a Miles…

Christian Bale as Ken Miles, meanwhile, wears the sporty, tough-as-hell Ray-Ban Balorama originally given G.O.A.T. status by Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry. We designed one of our earliest frames, the Superba, as the next generation of this rebel classic. It features a thick, classic acetate wrap frame that’s West Coast to the fullest, perfect for a day at the beach, or if you’re feeling inspired, a day at the track.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

…or an Enzo Ferrari…

The King of Italian motorcar racing (played by Remo Girone) spends most of the movie giving a master class in what the Italians would call sprezzatura, which translates roughly to effortless elegance. For centuries, Italian men have understood that the best way to offset the formality of say, a crisp, dark suit is with something more sporty and casual – like our statement-making Wavecrest frames in classic black.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox