Garrett Leight California Optical Doreen eyeglasses and sunglasses


Chalk it up to the ocean air or a magic ingredient in the water supply, but something about Venice, CA has always attracted artists, inventors, and non-mainstream folks of all types and variants. One of Venice’s most famous residents was Ken Price, the Pop Art genius whose erotic slash cartoonish ceramic scupltures and paintings challenged stereotypes of all sorts and helped to redefine what “serious art” looked and felt like in the 20th century.

photo of artist Ken Price wearing eyeglasses photo of artist Ken Price wearing eyeglasses while creating ceramic scuptures

Bucking the trend of creating sculptural works that were large, industrial, impersonal, and self-serious, Price poured hours into producing small ceramic pieces that were meticulously painted and then sanded down to reveal swirling, cosmic worlds within. His paintings, which cheekily juxtaposed Americana tidbits like cars and highways and suburban homes with weirdo blobs and not so subtle sexual metaphors, were pretty incredible too.

One half master craftsman and one half deadpan humorist, Price was also an understated art scene style icon thanks to his trademark square glasses and rugged, studio-ready work shirts.

Our Doreen frame pays homage to Price’s cerebral, low key style by offering an oversized look that blends minimalist charm with a warm and generous Pop-Art inspired personality. Thanks to its ultra-thin acetate construction, the Doreen is super light to the touch and ultra wearable. The Sun version of the Doreen has an ever larger silhouette and comes with soft gradient lens for that mellow, vintage-inspired vibe.

Price preferred to let his work speak for itself and was famously quoted for saying “nothing I can say will improve the way my art looks.” By letting his audiences engage with his work on their own terms, Price’s sculptures and paintings became a part of the public dialogue, a two way street between craft and artistry. That’s something we can really get down with.