At Home with Jason Casillas

At Home with Jason Casillas

Meet Jason Casillas, Director of Retail

What’s the latest news that made you smile?

I recently read that Tracy Morgan, in an effort to support suffering restaurants, went to his favorite Chinese spot in New York and bought everyone in the place dinner. He also did about 30 minutes of material which brought in tons of customers off the street. I love Tracy and that story made me smile.

Work related, I recently had a GLCO customer reach out to me asking how to properly clean her glasses after her shifts. She's a front-line physician, working alongside the worst COVID-19 cases and wanted to make sure she didn't damage her frame. After letting her know that she can use 70% alcohol and 30% water, I thanked her for her courageous service. It was late, but I texted Garrett and asked him if I can offer her a new pair, on us, to keep her fresh in the field. He immediately, responded with "YES! Of course!" After I let her know, she replied back to me saying "Oh my god, I'm crying. Thank you." Thinking of someone like that, thanking us, considering all she's putting herself through made me emotional as well. I said to my wife, "This is why I fucking love G."

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received and/or can give during this time?

I'm working with our customers, daily, on the phone and processing their lens and frame orders, still. It's so nice to hear how enthusiastic people are just to talk to me, another person, during their quarantine. Everyone tells me the same thing, "If you have more time with your family, during this crisis, then just try to enjoy it and get the most you can out of being tethered to them so closely." The best advice in all of this is to simply appreciate the gift of more one on one time with your partner, family, whoever you're sheltering with.

What's the first thing you're going to do when this is all over?

Go out to dinner, sit at the bar with my wife, shoulder to shoulder with perfect strangers, and breathe easy!


What're you wearing?

I'm living in my Ace Sun in Black Glass. I also have another pair with Blue Light filters, for work. This frame is my entire universe this season.
What are you watching? I recently discovered It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I'm way late to this but now it's all I want to watch. Highly recommend episodes "The Gang Gets Quarantined" (very fitting for the times) and "Mac Finds His Pride" for the tear-jerker. Oh, and Schitt's Creek, of course.

What is the silver lining in this?

World-wide commerce has been turned on its head. Garrett Leight California Optical has adjusted the way we operate and it's been interesting to see how so many other businesses are getting creative and really offering next-level service to stay afloat. I look forward to an end result where people can totally appreciate the importance of actual human interaction and connection. There are companies who treat their employees as totally expendable and there are people who brush off anyone in their way including those who don't live up to their "level." I can see the world coming out of this with a deeper sense of humanity and its fragility. Maybe more friendly humans.