Born in Venice — Designed in LA

In 2010 Garrett Leight launched Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO), inspired by his father – Founder and Creative Director of iconic eyewear brand, Oliver Peoples – and the culture and creativity of his Venice Beach hometown. Garrett set out to impact the industry for a new generation by creating a cult classic brand through one-of-a-kind experiences at retail, e-commerce, and wholesale.

The hyper-California brand aesthetic with classically tailored styling and premium high-end quality manufacturing has created a global community of loyal followers who wear the brand almost exclusively. By highlighting and featuring a collective of creative Los Angeles influencers from film, music, art, fashion and sport through original content and sharing that with the world, GLCO has established itself as a leader and set itself apart from its competitors by being authentic, original, and most importantly, aspirational.

The authentic and unmistakable brand DNA, unique family legacy story, exclusive distribution, celebrity clientele, and world-class PR means Garrett Leight California Optical is the cool-kid eyewear brand of the future.

Garrett’s goal is to continue the family legacy and pursuit of making the best eyewear in the world for the world's coolest consumers.