At Home with Khoa Pham

At Home with Khoa Pham

Meet Khoa Pham, Store Manager

How has the current environment affected the way you work?

It's certainly added a more hands-on approach to how we interact with our clients. Since we can't have anyone inside the store, we're walking them through the collection explaining the subtle differences in each frame. It also gives them more of a one-on-one experience, something we couldn't always do when there would be crowds inside the shop.


What are you doing to keep yourself and others safe at work?

We're making sure all parties are wearing masks during their appointment. We've also set up a "sneeze guard" at our front door where we do frame fittings. The frames that are tried on during appointments are being sanitized through an ultrasonic cleaner, then sprayed down with a disinfecting solution.

What's the best customer interaction you've had?

It's hard to choose. I've been here long enough to where my interactions with our regular clients is like seeing an old friend. It's good to see the current situation having little to no effect on people maintaining a positive outlook. Everyone who's stopped by the shop these past few months has been genuinely cool and pleasant.

What're you wearing?

I'm wearing the Naples. Both in my prescription pair as well as a customized sunglass. Hands down it's my favorite and should not be overlooked.

Have you introduced any new routines or rituals since staying at home?

Other than cooking more, I did purchase a 3D printer and started making my own toys. The old ritual got old, which was basically eating out, playing video games, and watching tv. Being home more definitely pushed me to create something.


What do you do when you need a mood boost?

Playing with my dogs and producing my own toys boosts the mood when I'm at home. Going for coastal drives helps when we need to get out of the house.