Capturing Cinematic Grace: <BR> Lolita C and Lola S

Capturing Cinematic Grace:
Lolita C and Lola S

Encompassing the spirit of timeless cinema, Mr. Leight has launched two new frames for Fall/Winter 2023: Lolita C and Lola S. These pieces are not just accessories; they are characters, each artistically conveying its unique story inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 1962  “Lolita.”

The character, Lolita’s, on-screen style echoes the essence of the decade. Her hair is bold and voluminous with a bouffant fringe, complemented by a wardrobe that features button-down shirts, tailored heeled pants, oversized sweaters, and generously flared circle skirts. Notably, her distinctive eyewear becomes a focal point. As Lolita ages throughout the film, her style matures and adapts – a reflection of her character’s growth. We think of these frames as a two part series – the Lolita: a frame for the youthful, innocence of the character. Lola: the older, wiser, refined years. 

Picture the iconic movie poster where Lolita sports red heart-shaped frames, a playful homage to Sue Lyons's character at the film's outset. Our Lolita C narrates a story of innocence and the exuberance of youth, capturing the essence of Lolita's early years. Just like the character, our Lolita frame embodies the wisdom, nostalgia, and inner peace that time bestows upon us.

As she matures, Lolita transitions to thick, squared-out black optical frames, symbolizing her journey of maturity and the emotional agency audiences root for. Lola S is her sunglass counterpart that symbolizes the somebodies and leading ladies. The squared-out cat eye and petal plaque exude an ultra-feminine feel, reminiscent of Lolita's evolution in the film through motherhood. Lola, the big sister of Lolita, embodies a musical flair resonating through the ages. She stands as the icon of music, balancing retro and modern with a sophisticated, jazzy frame.

Lolita C and Lola S complement each other, encapsulating the innocence and progression of youth to the elevated essentials and enduring style of a leading lady. Together, they weave a narrative of timeless elegance, drawing inspiration from the iconic character and the everlasting charm of epic ‘60s cinema.



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